Packung Mehrkomponenten Protein ESN Elite Pro Complex

Multi-component Protein ESN Elite Pro Complex

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Our ESN Elite Pro Complex is a high-quality multi-component protein of 4 components: Whey concentrate & whey isolate, egg protein and casein. These are digested with a time delay and can thus supply you with protein uninterruptedly.

  • 4 component powder: Whey concentrate & whey isolate, egg protein and casein
  • Scientifically coordinated according to the digestion principle "short, medium and long chain", allowing the release of amino acids with a time lag
  • High protein content of up to 86 %
  • Low fat & lower carbs
  • Tastes outstandingly delicious and full flavored
  • Suitable for vegetarians
Suggested Use

Suggested time of use

In the morning after getting up, as a snack between meals or simply whenever you like: For our ESN Elite Pro Complex provides an ideal protein basic supply. The recommendation for best results is 1-3 servings per day.


For one serving, mix 30 g of the multi-component powder with 250 ml water. And yet, you are ready. For an even fuller flavor, mix your Elite Pro Complex with the same amount of milk or a milk alternative. But note that this will change the nutritional values.

Storage: Dry, closed and below 25°C. Protect from sunlight.

Supplement Facts
Nutritional values Butter Cookie amount per 30 g amount per 100 g
Energy 458 kJ / 110 kcal 1527 kJ / 365 kcal
Fat 0.8 g 2.5 g
    saturated fatty acids 0.4 g 1.3 g
Carbohydrates 0.8 g 2.5 g
    sugar 0.5 g 1.5 g
Protein 25 g 83 g
Salt less than 0.1 g less than 0.1 g
Amino acid balance                                           amount per 100 g
Alanine 3.4 g
Arginine/arginine 3.4 g
Aspartic acid 7.8 g
Cystine/cysteine 0.9 g
Glutamic acid 19.3 g
Glycine/glycine 1.7 g
Histidine/histidine 2.4 g
Isoleucine/isoleucine (BCAA) 5.4 g
Leucine/leucine (BCAA) 9.3 g
Lysine/lysine 8.1 g
Methionine/methionine 2.5 g
Phenylalanine/phenlyalanine 4.5 g
Proline/proline 8.6 g
Serine/serine 5.2 g
Threonine/threonine 5 g
Tryptophan/tryptophan 1.2 g
Tyrosine 4.5 g
Valine/valine (BCAA) 6.8 g

Description of food: Powder for the preparation of a high-protein drink with sweeteners.

Ingredients Butter Cookie

Calcium caseinate (60%), ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate (21%), milk protein isolate (11%), egg protein (5%), flavors, inulin, emulsifier (lecithin), sweeteners (acesulfame K, sodium cyclamate, sucralose, sodium saccharin).


Fitmart GmbH & Co KG, Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse 8, 25337 Elmshorn, Germany.


1000 g 

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Valuable Proteins

Perfect protein combination for nutrient supply and regeneration.

Low in Carbohydrates

The Elite Pro multicomponent protein contains few carbohydrates and little fat.

Made in Germany

Manufactured in our German in-house production facility using the latest technology according to the highest quality standards.

INNOVATIVE combination

4 Components Protein


Versatile Applicable


Confirmed by the EU!


Honest Quality and Trust

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