Curcumin unterstützt dich bei deiner Low Carb Ernährung

Curcumin supports you in your Low Carb diet

Curcumin is a versatile component of the turmeric root, which is used by bodybuilders and strength athletes for various reasons. However, fitness athletes in particular, who feed (temporarily) low carb, can benefit from A supplementation of a high-quality Curcumin product. In this article you will learn why!

What is a low carb diet?

"Low Carb" is English and describes a carbohydrate-reduced diet. The Daily required calories are thus supplied from the energy sources Protein, but above all fat. Most people use a low carb diet to reduce their body fat percentage. This procedure can be quite useful, because it is known that carbohydrates slow down fat burning.

From which amount of carbohydrate a diet is called "Low Carb" is quite different. While, for example, the anabolic diet eats less than 30 to 50 grams of carbohydrates during the low-carbohydrate Phase, the body under normal circumstances already consumes 150 grams of carbohydrates every day without doing anything about it. These are consumed solely by the so-called basal turnover. This is the energy that every body needs to maintain its functions.

With the usual exercise in everyday life, even carbohydrate amounts up to 200 grams could still be called Low Carb. Especially when you consider that male bodybuilders eat significantly larger amounts of this macronutrient every day.

What is Curcumin?

Curcumin is a so-called Polyphenol. These are substances that are contained in fruits and vegetables and can have positive effects on health. In everyday life, you will probably have come into contact with Curcumin often, without having known this so far. Each time the additive "E 100" is listed on an ingredient list, it is Curcumin. This is mainly due to the fact that the Curcumin originating from the turmeric root has a strong yellowish color, so that Curcumin is often used in Margarine or pasta, for example.

While Curcumin has thus been used primarily as a component of food in the western region, it has long been used for health purposes in traditional Indian and Chinese healing arts. For this reason, researchers in other regions of the world have also become increasingly aware of the substance from the turmeric root in the recent past and have been able to detect a number of positive effects on Curcumin.

What does Curcumin do in a low carb diet?

In addition to supporting the body in the reduction of inflammation, especially in the area of the joints, but also in the pancreas, curcumin extract has been shown to have other positive properties. For people who eat low carb, this could be particularly interesting.

Who in the course of a low carb diet, such as the anabolic diet, which greatly reduces carbohydrates, will increasingly absorb fats through food. In order to process these in the course of digestion, the body needs bile acid. This, in turn, is produced in the liver. If this is not successful enough, it can contribute to bloating, heartburn or fullness. Curcumin would be a useful Supplement in such cases, as it stimulates the production of bile acid in the liver.

But Curcumin can also score points in connection with carbohydrates, because even few carbohydrates cause an increase in insulin in the blood, which in turn means slowing down the body's own fat burning. Curcumin was able to contribute to improving the insulin sensitivity of the subjects in various studies. So the body needed less Insulin to store the existing carbohydrates in the cells. However, the onset of Diabetes could also be prevented significantly more frequently with a long-term intake of nine months compared to a control group.

If you want to optimize your low carb diet, however, you should pay attention to the raw materials used. Not every Curcumin Supplement works the same, because Curcumin in unprocessed Form is poorly absorbed by the body.

Pay attention to the bioavailability of Curcumin

Pure Curcumin is practically insoluble in water, which is why pure curcumin powders are only very poorly processed. In contrast, the combination of Curcumin and piperine (black pepper extract), which scores with a 20-fold better absorption, performs significantly better in studies. However, the best choice is a Curcumin Supplement, in which NovalSol Curcumin was used.

The processing form developed in Germany ensures that the Curcumin is absorbed up to 185 times better by the body. Those who are looking for a high-quality Curcumin product to support their low carb diet should therefore in any case resort to a Supplement with NovalSol-Curcumin. The recommended daily dosage is 30 to 60 mg and should be sufficient to benefit optimally from the effect.

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