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2 Calories Oil Spray

Easily dose the amount of oil with the Oil Spray – perfect for cooking, baking, and more
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Oil it better - with the 2 Calories Oil Spray. Thanks to its practical spray attachment, you can effortlessly control the amount of oil you use, eliminating concerns about excess calories and fat. With just one spray, you'll get a mere 2 kcal¹. Moreover, it makes greasing frying pans, waffle irons, and similar items much more convenient!

Whether you're in a diet phase or aiming to reduce fat intake, our 2 Calories Oil Spray is an essential addition to any fitness kitchen.

  • Easy-to-use oil spray for precise dosing
  • High-quality, flavorless rapeseed oil base
  • Only 2 calories per spray¹
  • Heat stable up to 210 °C
  • Exceptionally long-lasting
  • Free from preservatives and questionable propellants
  • Up to 800 sprays per can
  • Suitable for baking, cooking, and grilling
  • Vegan
  • Made in Germany
Suggested Use

Instructions: Shake well before use. Spray a thin layer on the pan, baking dish or grill from a distance of 20 - 30 cm. Proceed to fry, grill, or bake as usual!

Storage Notice: Keep in a dry place below 25 °C, away from strong odors. Protect from direct sunlight and open flames. The container is under pressure and may burst when exposed to heat. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames, or other sources of ignition. Smoking is prohibited. Do not spray near open flames or other sources of ignition. Do not puncture or incinerate, even after use. Protect from sunlight. Must not be exposed to temperatures above 50°C.

Food information
Nutritional values Per 100 ml 1⁄4 sec. spray*.
Energy 3330 kJ / 810 kcal 8kJ / 2 kcal
Fat 90 g less than 0,5 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 7,2 g 0 g
thereof monounsaturated fatty acids 55 g 0,1 g
thereof polyunsaturated fatty acids 28 g 0 g
Carbohydrates 0 g 0 g
thereof sugar 0 g 0 g
Protein 0 g 0 g
Salt 0 g 0 g
*1 serving = 1⁄4 sec. spray (0.25 ml).

Food Name:

Canola oil-based cooking spray (bag-on-valve system). Flavor: Neutral.


Canola oil 97.5%, emulsifier (lecithin (canola)) 2.5%.


Fitmart GmbH & Co KG, Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse 8, 25337 Elmshorn, Germany.


200 ml

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Easy Dosage

Achieve precise oil dosage and maintain calorie awareness effortlessly with the practical spray attachment of ESN Oil Spray. Say goodbye to excessive calories, as just one spray delivers a mere 2 kcal¹.

Versatile Application

From grilling to baking and cooking, our ESN Oil Spray is your versatile culinary companion, withstanding temperatures up to 210 °C °C while maintaining its exceptional performance.


Our oil spray is crafted using rapeseed oil as the foundation, making it an ideal choice for both amateur and professional athletes, regardless of their dietary preferences - including vegans and non-vegans alike. In other words, it caters to everyone!


ESN Oil Spray

The fine spray function ensures a thin, even layer of oil coats your pans and baking dishes, minimizing both quantity and calorie intake. Thanks to the fine dispersion, less oil is required, resulting in reduced calorie intake through oil consumption. To be precise, each spray delivers a mere 2 kcal¹. Furthermore, our ESN Oil Spray boasts a rich content of beneficial unsaturated fatty acids, ensuring you reap the rewards of a well-balanced diet.


For Delightful, Lighter Enjoyment


Sleek and Innovative Design

¹One serving is equivalent to a ¼-second spray, delivering approximately 0.25 ml of oil.

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