Die leidige Orangenhaut! Cellulite bekämpfen – aber wie?

The trouble with the orange peel! Fight cellulite - but how?

For many women, there is hardly a greater horror than dimpled thigh. Nevertheless, almost every woman has to deal with the problem of cellulite. And this is not an easy undertaking. 85 to 95 percent of all women over the age of 20 suffer from Cellulite. So if you as a woman do not belong to the happy genetic exception, you have to deal with dents on your buttocks and thighs.

The Power of genes

The tendency to cellulite is innate, as unfair as that may be. There are women who hardly exercise and do not eat ideally and have impeccable legs and those who regularly torture themselves in Training and pay attention to their diet, but still have to struggle with orange peel.

If mother and grandma have already had to fight with a weak connective tissue, because there is the trigger of cellulite, it is very likely that you have to deal with this topic yourself sooner or later. Unless you are a man, because men almost never have problems with Cellulite due to a different skin structure. The epidermis of women is significantly thinner and the underlying dermis more flexible. In addition, there are more and larger fat cells in the female subcutaneous tissue, which are grouped in fat chambers. These are provided by nature to serve as energy reserves during pregnancies and can therefore be increased by up to ten times. To make this possible, the fine strands of the female connective tissue run almost parallel to each other and perpendicular to the skin surface, which makes them very stretchy. If the fat chambers increase in circumference, press them upwards and form the visible dents.

In men, on the one hand, the fat chambers are smaller and above all firmly anchored in the subcutaneous fat tissue, on the other hand, the much stronger connective tissue runs horizontally to the surface and is much more strongly networked. Thus, with an enlargement of the fat chambers, the well-known beer belly rather arises. This also has to do with the fact that women store fat primarily on their thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen. This is due to the hormone estrogen, which is naturally less present in men.

Knowing risk factors

Unfortunately, the genetic predisposition cannot be influenced. However, those who are prone to cellulite should take even more care to exclude known risk factors. In the first place are overweight and lack of exercise, but also smoking, the consumption of alcohol and coffee can constrict the vessels and thus promote Cellulite. A healthy lifestyle can therefore help to keep the Cellulite under control.

But aren't there all kinds of creams and Lotions that promise relief?

Many offers, little use

There are, because for the beauty industry blemishes such as cellulite are of course a found eating. However, experts agree that superficially applied products cannot penetrate to the connective tissue of the subcutaneous tissue and are therefore useless.

Also special massages, which are supposed to promote blood circulation, have only temporary effect.

Of course, there are also more drastic means of dealing with the unloved dents. However, liposuction will rarely produce really smooth legs, as it only reduces the amount of fat, but cannot change the skin structure. Other common methods also carry risks that should not be underestimated for results that cannot be overestimated.

Move a lot and keep the shape

The best remedy for cellulite is exercise. This allows the body weight to be controlled well and buttocks and thigh muscles to be strengthened in a targeted manner. The optical effect: the muscles appear firmer, the dents become less. If that's not an Argument for the Squat Rack.

In addition, of course, care should also be taken through the diet to stay in shape and feed the body healthy, because after all, the skin is our largest Organ and the healthier this Organ is kept, the better it looks.

Radical diets, on the other hand, usually cause the opposite. Because these put our body in a kind of panic mode. As soon as he is fed more fat again, he will try to store it immediately as a "necessary" Reserve. A necessary weight loss should therefore not be approached too radically and in any case be flanked by sports.

Also important: drink a lot! If the skin gets too little liquid, it dries out. This makes wrinkles and dents more visible. So stay hydrated!

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