Figurfalle Feiertage?

Receiving pounds for Christmas?

Training and nutrition at Christmas

Roast goose, Speculatius, chocolate and maybe one or the other glass of red wine-some grow already at the thought of it one or the other fat pads. But how big is the danger really, over the Christmas holidays massively fat gain and what can be done about it?

Probably everyone has their own Christmas ritual, whether the thought of the Christmas season already puts you in high spirits or you can do little with decorated fir trees, candles and festive food. In any case, the culinary temptations in Advent and on holidays are varied and seductive. But is it worth sacrificing the good Form?

Let's calculate

Let's just look at Christmas Eve and the two holidays: since you train regularly and hard, your average calorie consumption per day is say 3,000. So over the three days you would have to add 9,000 calories to maintain your weight, although you should refrain from reducing your calorie intake to a single day anyway, but that's another issue. In any case, it is easy for one to achieve this calorie count largely "clean", the other is already struggling with it.

If we now assume that the "sins" make up 2,000 calories per day, i.e. the normal daily requirement of an adult, then there will still be 1,000 calories for the rest of the day. But even if you were to eat normally, it would be 6,000 calories more than you need. Even if your body succeeds – which it does not succeed-in converting these calories completely into body fat, it would be less than a kilogram of body fat. Therefore, the old wisdom is true: you don't get fat from Christmas to New Year's Eve, but from New Year's Eve to Christmas.

Of course, it looks more critical when the whole of December looks like this. And that goes faster than planned: a visit to the Christmas market here, a Christmas party there. Therefore, now a few strategies to get the figure over Christmas without total renunciation.

Tip 1: Eat Clean!

This may sound contradictory at first, but it is not. It is meant that the normal diet should be as "clean" as possible, especially if you can foresee that Events such as Christmas parties are on the line.

Tip 2: Eat less!

Even this may sound strange at first, but it is quite simple: even if the nutrient distribution at grandma's Christmas dinner may not be quite the same as you are used to, the amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats will be safe enough. So let the lunch break be quiet, if in the evening the visit to Grandma is pending.

Tip 3: Cook yourself!

Isn't it part of being entertained at Christmas? Sure, but why not get active here and there? Especially in the area of starters and main courses fitness enthusiasts can let off steam and conjure up delicious and at the same time figure-conscious meals for the whole family. For example, how about an appetizer with a salad with Avocado and chicken strips?

Tip 4: Cook cleverly!

Of course, you can also let off steam in the area of desserts and surprise the whole family how delicious they are, even if they are not only made of Butter and sugar. On our Instagram page @esnkitchen you will find a whole range of suggestions.

Tip 5: Train more!

Yes, the (pre-)Christmas season is stressful, but nevertheless you always find a time window for a Workout, if you want. Even when the Studio is closed, you can do a proper Workout with a circle of bodyweight exercises without any Equipment. No Excuses!

Tip 6: Train Harder!

More calories also mean more energy in Training and usually the additional amounts of sugar and salt also make for a really nice Pump! So give full throttle!

Tip 7: Move a lot!

From the bed to the breakfast table, to the Couch, to the Restaurant and back to the Couch: this is not how your day should look. The holidays are predestined for long walks with the loved ones and, if the weather allows, snowball fights.

Tip 8: Don't overdo it!

As serious as you take the Sport and the diet, it does not hurt to let the reins for a short time a bit looser. Even if your mother has a lot of understanding, she will certainly be happy if you eat a piece of cake instead of sitting at the table with a bowl full of cold rice and chicken.

In this spirit: Merry Christmas!

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