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More and more exercisers are looking beyond the sport and, in addition to improving their physical appearance, are also interested in optimizing their stamina and endurance. It's not just crossfitters and martial artists who are aware of the importance of these two factors: bodybuilders, too, now know that increased endurance can help them complete more work sets in training and thus provide an even greater training stimulus.

Nutritional supplements in the context of endurance training can support both faster recovery and longer performance. While targeted training is the inevitable basis, supplements help ambitious athletes release the crucial final percentages in their bodies.

The following supplements can lead to the individual being able to perform even better in training and competition in the future:

  • Creatine is one of the best known and most researched supplements on the market. Endurance and combat athletes can also benefit from additional supplementation.
  • During long periods of high intensity exercise, the body draws on its own carbohydrate stores to provide sufficient energy. Easily digestible carbohydrate powders help to regenerate quickly and be ready for the next workout.
  • Caffeine provides additional focus and energy supply during training. Especially before particularly intense or important units, supplementation is a good idea.
  • Beta Alanine has long been more than a secret weapon in the endurance field for ambitious athletes. Its endurance-enhancing effect is best achieved when taken in combination with taurine.


Discovered as early as the 19th century and long an insider tip in bodybuilding circles during the 20th century, creatine is now found not only in pharmacies: no wonder, because with hundreds of studies conducted, the knowledge surrounding the white supplement can be understood as more than secure. Creatine, when taken regularly, not only improves anaerobic performance and thus performance during sprints and intense exercise. In addition, the dehydration of the muscles reduced by creatine can reduce the susceptibility to cramps and strains.

Carbohydrate powder

Intense and long endurance sessions empty the body's carbohydrate stores. Since the body tries to replenish this as quickly as possible after intense exercise, a sufficient supply of carbohydrates around the workout is essential. This prevents the body from converting supplied protein in order to fill the carbohydrate stores. In sports, easily digestible carbohydrate powders have proven to be very effective, which can also act as transport aids for creatine.


Caffeine has long been considered a legal stimulant among athletes and is now also very popular in the endurance field. In addition to increased focus, the improved stimulation of the muscles ensures increased performance in running, cycling or even swimming. Especially sprint disciplines or sports with short stress phases such as crossfit or martial arts are useful areas of application for targeted caffeine supplementation.

Beta Alanine and Taurine

In contrast to caffeine, which can be used specifically for short periods of exertion, beta alanine and taurine provide support during phases of exertion that last longer than 60 seconds. Beta Alanine in particular has gained increased attention in recent years due to its improvement in endurance performance, which in some cases can be demonstrated after just a few weeks. Taurine, in addition to a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, also supports the increase in endurance. Since both substances influence each other in the body, a simultaneous supplementation of beta alanine and taurine is considered the best option.

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