Mit Casein abnehmen

Use casein protein for weight loss

So the protein can support you in your diet

In addition to Whey, casein is also widely used as a protein for sports and training. The protein is popular for supplementation and due to its nature can not only be turned into delicious shakes, but can even be used as a protein powder for baking. Like Whey, Casein has a complete profile of amino acids and for this reason can have a positive effect on your body's protein synthesis. But is casein protein also suitable for weight loss?

In our guide, you'll learn more about the effects of micellar casein and get a few tips on how to lose weight the right way with casein.


What is casein actually?

Casein, like other proteins such as Whey, is obtained from milk. The protein is present in milk with a share of 80% and for this reason it is also called milk protein. Compared to the whey protein Whey, casein is not converted into whey, but can be used, for example, for the production of cheese. A big advantage of the protein casein is that it can also have a high calcium content due to the high proportion in milk. A disadvantage, however, is that the protein in return also contains a lot of lactose. The intake is therefore not always the best match for people with problems digesting lactose or even lactose intolerance. But with the addition of lactase, the problem can be solved and casein can be integrated into the diet plan totz lactose. If you want to go straight for a protein powder with little lactose for your diet instead, you can alternatively go for a Whey protein powder, like our ESN Designer Whey Protein.

What effect does casein protein have on the body?

Casein is absorbed by the body quite slowly.[1] This leads to the fact that the protein is also available to your body for a long time. The protein can be used over several hours for the protein synthesis of your muscles and can be taken for example before going to bed.[2]

This is also the big difference to Whey Protein. While this quickly provides a high supply of amino acids and can thus support you in the short term, especially during training to build muscle, casein is designed more for a long-term supply. Also called night protein, casein can be taken under certain circumstances even before sleeping to lose weight. Due to its versatility and the long-lasting effect in the body, the intake of Micellar Casein can make sense in diets and also other targeted diet plans.

Better to use casein or whey for weight loss?

Whey und Casein gegenübergestellt

Whether you choose casein or Whey for weight loss depends on your personal training and diet goals. Compared to Whey, casein keeps you full longer and may make losing weight easier. However, a combination of Whey protein and Micellar Casein can also be used for weight loss.

If you want to lose weight with protein powder, you should especially keep in mind that the reduction of body weight does not only happen by losing the unwanted fat, but also goes along with the reduction of muscles. So, for example, if you forgo meals to lose weight, your diet will also reduce muscle mass. For this reason, it makes sense to take in enough protein. You can either implement this with the help of a diet plan or simply resort to protein powder in delicious flavors. The intake of protein continues to support your body in building muscle and thus counteracts the loss of your muscles.

Especially at the beginning of a diet Whey Protein in combination with sports can even contribute to an increase in muscle mass.[3] So in combination you can benefit from the long-term effect of micellar casein and the fast support of your muscles by Whey.

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Casein for weight loss - these are the benefits of the protein.

Are you looking for a suitable protein powder, from Whey to Micellar Casein different shakes and powders of course offer different benefits. Still, casein is a good choice to incorporate into a diet for a number of reasons.

The protein, which is derived from milk, can also be found in quark, yogurt or cheese, among other things. The intake can therefore also be quite diverse through your diet. While the protein synthesis for the muscles is not as strongly stimulated by casein as by Whey, this leads on the other hand to the fact that the milk protein supplies the body all the longer. Thus, casein protein can even help you lose weight before sleeping and help you in the long run to achieve your diet or training goals.

High feeling of satiety

Especially in a diet to lose weight, this property is of course significant. Because like other proteins, casein slows down the digestion process.[4] Due to the prolonged synthesis, the micellar protein ensures that not only the proteins can be used by the body for a long time, but also that your meals stay longer in the stomach. This is also the reason why casein can even be used before sleeping to lose weight. Studies found that taking the milk protein causes a higher metabolic rate, which can increase the level of satiety in the long term.[5]

Long-term effect on muscle building

Mann mit hohem Muskelanteil

Only Whey is suitable for muscle building? Wrong. Because casein protein can also be used not only to lose weight, but also to build your muscles. If you are on a diet to lose weight, you usually first aim for a calorie deficit. However, this often also means the loss of muscle mass. Especially for athletes or bodybuilders, the adapted diet can therefore play a key role for further muscle building. With the intake of casein you can support your body in losing fat and building muscle. The proteins provide you with strength and energy before and after training. Thus, Micellar Casein indirectly supports you in losing weight. But you can't do it completely without exercise: because only if you maintain your muscle mass during the diet will you keep your body's strength despite a calorie deficit and continue to build muscle - with casein you provide your body with a constant source of energy.[6]

Maintaining your muscles

As well as building muscle, casein also helps you maintain your muscles. In order to shape your body according to your desires, the preservation of muscle mass is particularly significant. Although the protein does not have such a strong influence on muscle protein synthesis as, for example, Whey Protein, it contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass.[7] In comparison, milk protein supplies your muscles with protein over a longer period of time and therefore more steadily. This means that even if you want to lose weight with casein, you can slow down the breakdown of muscle protein.

You want to benefit yourself from the benefits of casein protein for your diet? Try our ESN Micellar Casein Protein now and be inspired!

Try casein protein powder right now as a shake for weight loss

Casein Shake mit Athlet

Whether you want to use casein as a protein powder for baking or as a shake for weight loss is of course up to you. The possibilities are many: Many delicious flavors can not only be converted into tasty protein shakes, but also make it possible to refine quark, yogurt or yogurt alternatives. Casein protein powder, for example, is also well suited for baking.

The advantage: You do not even need to tie your intake to a specific time of day. Because the night protein can be used from morning to evening without burdening your body. Integrating it into a diet to lose weight is additionally interesting due to the higher feeling of satiety. For example, you can drink a casein protein shake for weight loss in the morning and then prepare your next meal a few hours later.

Conclusion: Losing weight with casein - a tasty option

Who would have thought that casein can be used for weight loss in such a versatile way? Along with popular proteins like Whey, this protein is also suitable for athletes and nutrition-conscious people who want to approach their diet in a very targeted way. Whether before going to bed or for in between - delicious protein shakes in different flavors make the intake uncomplicated and show the Micellar Casein from a versatile side.

If you want to lose weight with protein powder, don't just think about your nutrition plan, but also about maintaining and building up your muscles. The constant availability of amino acids through casein helps you in the long term and reliably supports your body in muscle protein synthesis. So what are you waiting for? Find the right powder for you and get started in the next few days!

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