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Beautiful buttocks thanks to targeted muscle building

Muscle building on the buttocks: between joy & sorrow

Frau macht mit Langhantel Kniebeugen

The buttocks - a sensitive topic: Hardly any other part of our body can cause so much joy but also so much frustration. Both women and men are looking to build muscle and beautiful contours on the buttocks.

But what is the secret to a beautiful butt? Does regular jogging help to build muscle on the butt or does it make more sense to train the butt muscles in a different way? In this post, we'll explain everything about having a tight butt - from the benefits to the best butt exercises for quick success.

Strong butt muscles have many benefits

Before we dive into the workout, an important and motivating spoiler in advance: a sustainable muscle build-up on the butt is not only worthwhile for visual reasons!

A firm butt is certainly a nice effect of hard training. But it's also nice that a trained butt helps you to have a healthy posture and thus also prevent knee and back problems. Strong muscles on the buttocks are therefore also an important prerequisite for training other muscle groups, especially the lower back.

In addition, by building muscle in the buttocks you also increase your basal metabolic rate, since more muscle also consumes more energy. Your body thus consumes more calories even at rest.

Are you motivated? Then get into training!

Maximus, Medius, Minimus - training the muscles of the buttocks

Your butt consists of three different muscles. You probably already know the largest gluteus maximus, but there are also two other butt muscles: The middle gluteus muscle, called the gluteus medius , and the smaller one, the gluteus minimus. Both are responsible for spreading the legs.

In order to effectively build all three butt muscles and get crisp contours, it is therefore crucial to set up a targeted and varied training plan with a variation of different exercises.

Butt muscle building: combine strength & cardio in the training plan

Frau joggt auf Laufband

For the actual butt muscle building, the focus should be on a varied strength training. There are many exercises that train not only the butt, but also the legs, abdomen or hips ─ both with weights and with your own body, for muscle building without equipment. It is important that you vary your workout regularly, so that all three butt muscles have to "work".

Only the butt muscle to want to build ─ at least visually ─ quite little if the hard-won muscles are still covered by fat pads. A well-trained gluteus increases the energy metabolism and thus also contributes to the fact that your body burns more calories, but this works even more effectively with cardio training.

With regular swimming or jogging, you will notice the muscle growth on the buttocks faster, because you will get rid of excess pounds on the buttocks or hips better.

What exercises are best for the buttocks to build muscle?

Squats für Po-Muskulatur

The 7 best exercises to help build muscle on the butt are:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Lunges
  • Leg presses
  • Hip Thrusts
  • Side Squat Walk
  • Lifting the legs in the Side Plank

The number of repetitions and the respective load (e.g. weights) should be adjusted to your training condition every three to four weeks and only increased carefully. Otherwise there is a risk of overloading the knees or back.

To compensate for muscular imbalances, whether in the thigh or gluteus, it can be useful to train only one leg at a time during exercises. Cross lifts or squats are very suitable for this. With small variations, you can also focus more on the gluteal muscles in many exercises: For example, when you squat with your feet in a wide stance, your butt muscles have to work harder to push your body back up from the floor.

Whether biceps or butt - muscle building also depends on nutrition

Gesunde Ernährung

Your butt muscle building workout plan can be as well thought out as it is if you let it slide with nutrition after your workout. It's no secret that your diet affects your weight and health, but it also affects your muscles.

As you know, proteins are demonstrably involved in building and maintaining your muscles in the body.[1] So that the strenuous repetitions of deadlifts, lunges & Co. are also rewarded with crisp muscles on the butt, you should rely on a protein-rich diet.

For butt muscle building, however, healthy carbohydrates are also important in the context of the diet, after all, your thighs also need enough energy, for example, to push you off the ground when doing deadlifts. Unhealthy fats and sugar, on the other hand, should be reduced as much as possible.

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How long does butt muscle building take?

Whether it's butt or thigh muscle building, how quickly it happens depends on the quality of the workout on the one hand, but also on other factors, such as diet or genetic make up. Every body reacts differently to the exercises, which is why the butt muscles build up or regress at different rates for each person.

The best tips for building muscle in the buttocks at a glance

  • Combine cardio & strength training
  • Vary starting positions to work all gluteus muscles
  • Accompany the workout with protein and carbohydrate-rich nutrition
  • Train holistically: abdominals, legs, gluteus and upper body
  • Beware of overloading knees, hips & back
  • Adjust the weights repetition of individual exercises to the training progress

Train butt muscles & support body in a targeted manner

To quickly and sustainably get a beautiful butt thanks to muscle building, you can also support your body with high-quality nutritional supplements. In this way, you can easily meet the protein requirements after training without risking a large calorie surplus, which in the end would possibly only be reflected on the hips or when looking at the weight.

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Conclusion: Beautiful butt - a question of muscle building & nutrition.

With very specific exercises, such as deadlifts, lunges or squats, you can help your butt build muscle in a relatively targeted way. The gluteus maximus is a large muscle and can withstand quite a bit of resistance or repetitions. Despite all the motivation during the exercises, always make sure that you do not overload your knees, back and hips. For an effective muscle build-up on the buttocks, you should also accompany your training with a protein and carbohydrate-rich diet, or with appropriate nutritional supplements.

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