Zuhause Muskeln aufbauen

Muscle building at home

How to build muscle at home

Frau trainiert für Muskelaufbau zuhause

If you really want to build muscle, you have to lift weights several times a week while working out at the gym - many people still have this perception. Of course, there's nothing wrong with working out at the gym if you enjoy it. However, there are also many who find it difficult to go there regularly and always find an excuse not to go. The question then quickly arises as to whether you can't simply build up muscles at home. The good news first - you can!

In our guide, we explain how muscle building at home works, which exercises are most effective and what to consider.

How does muscle building work?

You can only build muscle if you stimulate your muscles accordingly. This means that muscle building only starts when the load during training exceeds the normal performance level and the muscle grows after the stress in the regeneration phase.

Is muscle building at home possible?

Muscle building at home is definitely possible. Both with equipment and only with your own body weight, you can always challenge your muscles in new ways and thus effectively build muscle mass at home in the long term.

For many people, the workout at home offers not only advantages for muscle building: Those who otherwise find it difficult to motivate themselves to go to the gym already have their own studio within their own four walls. And bad weather is a thing of the past anyway, because you can train completely independently and flexibly in your living room.

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Should you train with or without equipment for muscle building at home?

If you want to effectively build muscle at home, the question quickly arises whether it is better to train with or without equipment. There is no universal answer to this, because ultimately it depends entirely on your training preferences. The simplest variant is of course muscle building without equipment, i.e. training only with your own body weight. All you need is a mat as a base and possibly sports shoes and you can start your muscle building training at home.

Hantel und andere Trainingsgeräte

If you want to diversify your workout at home and speed up your muscle building, you can also buy some equipment for your home workout. The basic equipment includes dumbbells, resistance bands, an exercise ball, a pull-up bar or kettlebells.

But no matter whether you prefer to build muscles at home with or without equipment: If you have found the right variant for you and train several times a week, you can see success with home training in any case.

What should I keep in mind when building muscles at home?

In order to build muscle effectively at home, it is worthwhile to follow a few basic rules. In order to see long-term success and build muscle, it is important to keep up the training and not to stop after one or two weeks. To be able to train regularly, it is therefore also important to avoid injuries. To do this, it is important to always warm up five to ten minutes before the actual workout. This not only warms up the muscles, but also gets your circulation in the right mood for training. If you want to train every day, it makes sense not to work the same muscle groups on consecutive days. If you want to start building muscle, it is worthwhile to have a training plan that you can follow at home. You can easily put it together yourself with a selection of exercises.

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Effectively build muscle at home: The right intensity is crucial

Hantel mit Blitz symbolisiert Intensität

In order for you to really build muscle mass, the muscles need a certain stimulus. For example, if the exercises you choose are not at all strenuous for you, then the muscle will not respond and you will not build muscle. If you train too hard, however, you risk overloading and, in the worst case, even injury. For this reason, the right intensity is also very important when building muscle at home. Beginners in particular should start lightly and then increase gradually. As a rule, you should perform the exercises with about ten to fifteen repetitions for a total of three passes. It is advisable to take a break of one minute between repetitions. To promote muscle growth, you can then increase the number of repetitions piece by piece from week to week. To avoid injuries and to train the muscles effectively, the exercises should always be performed slowly and in a controlled manner when training at home.

How often should you train at home for effective muscle building?

Kalender symbolisiert Planung für Trainingstermine

In addition to intensity, training frequency is also important for muscle building. Basically, it is said that each muscle should be trained at least twice a week. When building muscles with a total body training plan, you should therefore ideally train three times a week at home.

You should also not neglect sufficient breaks when training at home. Because you can only build muscles effectively with sufficient regeneration phases, because in these the muscles really grow actively. Often 48 hours are given as the ideal interval between training sessions, for very well trained people this phase can even be shortened to 36 to 24 hours. With three training sessions per week you usually do not go wrong with muscle building at home.

The best exercises for your muscle building at home

In order to build muscle at home, you need the right exercises that properly challenge your muscles. You can simply train with your own body weight or, if you want to increase the intensity, you can also integrate equipment such as dumbbells or other weights into your workout. We have compiled a few popular exercises for your muscle building at home for you:


Frau und Mann machen Squats

Squats - or simply squats - are an integral part of most workouts. They train the muscles in your legs and buttocks.

To do squats, stand shoulder-width apart with your back straight and slowly bend your knees. Your knees should always remain behind the tops of your feet. Hold the position for a few seconds and then come back to the starting position.


Mann macht Push-ups

Push-ups work your entire core muscles - arms, back, shoulders and abdomen. Lie flat on your stomach with your legs straight, palms at chest level and fingers pointing forward. Then press up with your upper body while keeping your back straight. Then lower your upper body back down, but without touching the mat, and then bring it straight back up. As a beginner, you can also do the push-ups on your knees first.


Frau trainiert zuhause mit Planks

The plank is also an effective exercise for building muscles at home, because it trains the muscles in the whole body. To do this, lie on your stomach and bring your elbows just under your shoulders. Then push yourself up from the floor so that your body forms a straight line. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds. The stronger you get, the longer you can hold the plank.


Mann macht Crunches für den Bauch

Crunches are a classic home muscle-building exercise that work your entire abdominals. Here's how:

Lie on your back with your hands by your ears and stand with your legs straight up. The upper body should be inclined towards the knees and the abdomen should be tense. Now lift your legs without swinging and bring your knees to your upper body. Then lower the legs and upper body again - but not completely - and repeat the exercise.


Brücke Übung um zuhause Muskeln aufzubauen

With the bridge or pelvic bridge you train the legs, the lower back and the butt muscles. Lie flat on your back with your arms relaxed next to your upper body. Place your legs hip-width apart and lift your pelvis so that your body forms a straight line. Your abdomen, back and buttocks should remain tense throughout the exercise. Hold the position for a few seconds, then lower your pelvis without completely putting it down, and then repeat the movement.

Mountain Climbers

Mann trainiert Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers are among the most popular muscle-building exercises to do at home. Get into a push-up position with your arms below your shoulders, your back straight and your legs extended. Now alternately pull your left and right knee up to your chest, as if you were putting one leg in front of the other while climbing a mountain. Only your toes should touch the ground. The speed at which you perform the exercise is up to you , depending on the intensity of your workout.


Frau macht Ausfallschritte

With lunges you mainly train your legs and as a little bonus you also train your balance. Stand with your back straight, feet side by side. Then take a big step forward with one leg and bend the other knee toward the floor so that both legs form a 90-degree angle. Then step back with the front foot and switch sides. To increase the intensity, you can also do the lunges with dumbbells or weights.

Conclusion: Building muscles effectively at home is possible

The path to a toned and defined body does not necessarily have to lead through training in the gym. If you prefer to build muscle at home in your own four walls, this can also work with the right exercises and a well-thought-out training plan.

To build muscle at home, however, it's not just about the right workout, but also the support of the right diet. A high-quality protein powder can optimally support you on your way to the desired body and advance your muscle building. With our high-quality ESN Designer Whey - or the vegan version, the ESN Vegan Designer Protein - you provide your muscles with all the important amino acids and support your muscle growth.[1]


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