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Drink protein shakes in the evening - how useful is it?


The benefits of protein shakes before bedtime

Protein shakes for breakfast have become commonplace for many people or are often consumed after a hard workout to build muscle. Protein helps maintain and gain muscle because it contains essential amino acids needed for these processes. When protein intake is too low, it can have negative effects on the body - taking a protein shake can restore balance. Post-workout protein shakes are considered the best way to fuel energy and optimize muscle growth. However, recent studies suggest that drinking a protein shake in the evening before bed can provide additional health benefits.

In our guide we explain to you which Effect a protein shake can have before sleeping and which types of protein are particularly well suited for evening consumption.

When is the ideal time to drink a protein shake?

When is the best time to take a protein shake depends on your fitness goals. Depending on whether you want to lose weight or build or maintain muscle, a different time of day is recommended. For example, a protein shake in the evening before bed can stimulate muscle building.[1]

What is the benefit of a protein shake in the evening for muscle building?

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Protein provides amino acids that help build muscle. Muscles repair themselves and grow while we sleep. During this time, the level of growth hormone is increased. This hormone promotes muscle growth and breaks down fat. Studies have shown that you can take full advantage of this increase in growth hormone and maximize muscle growth if you consume protein - in the form of a shake, for example - right before you sleep.[2],[3]

The reason for this is that by doing so, you are supplying amino acids that are needed for muscle repair and growth.

In a 2012 study, the effect of consuming protein shakes for muscle building was examined with healthy young male participants. They performed a weightlifting competition in the evening and were given 20 grams of protein immediately after their workout. Thirty minutes before bed, eight of the men consumed a protein shake containing 40 grams of casein. Muscle protein synthesis was increased in the eight men who consumed the casein protein shake at night before bed. This suggests that protein improves overnight recovery after exercise.[4]

In another 2015 study, young men were observed performing a 12-week strength training program. All participants consumed a high-protein diet (1.3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight). One group consumed a protein shake containing 27.5 grams of protein and 15 grams of carbohydrates at night before bed. The other group received a placebo drink. The group that consumed the protein shake saw greater improvements in muscle strength, muscle size and muscle fiber size.[5]

Does a protein shake before sleep help with weight loss?

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A protein shake at night before bed could promote weight loss because protein increases metabolism and stimulates muscle growth. An increased metabolism speeds up calorie burning. However, total calorie intake should also be considered.[6]

If you eat more calories than you need, it can lead to weight gain. This means that which way you supplement your diet with protein shakes is crucial. Protein shakes add calories to your total daily caloric intake. If you want to lose weight with protein sh akes, you should include the shake in your calorie intake for the rest.

Protein shakesas a meal replacement can be beneficial for people who want to lose weight, but they don't necessarily have to be taken in the evening to do so. You can drink a protein shake before bed if you haven't eaten dinner or are hungry after dinner. Having a shake instead of another meal or snack can help keep you from overeating before bed.

In any case, make sure the protein powder for your shake is as low in carbohydrates and fats as possible and not full of hidden sugars.

Which protein is suitable for the protein drink in the evening?

Casein Protein für den Abend

Protein sources differ in how they stimulate muscle protein synthesis. In most research, casein protein has been used for participants. Dairy protein casein is a slowly digestible protein source that allows for a gradual release and increase of amino acids during the night.[5]

In principle, there are three types of protein that you can take before bedtime - milk proteins Whey and casein or vegetable proteins. Both whey and casein proteins are derived from milk, but have different amino acid profiles.

Whey protein is digested quickly and has been shown to be most effective for muscle building, which is why it is so commonly used after workouts. It also contains more branched chain amino acids(BCAAs), which are important for muscle growth and recovery.[7] Casein protein, on the other hand, is made from solid milk solids. This means that our bodies take longer to digest and break it down.[8]

High-quality plant-based protein sources can also increase muscle protein synthesis overnight. However, plant-based protein powders may or may not contain complete proteins - meaning they do not contain all amino acids. Choosing a plant-based protein powder like ESN Vegan Designer Protein, which combines multiple protein sources, will help you absorb all the essential amino acids.

If you've just finished your evening workout, a protein drink with Whey - such as our ESN Designer Whey - might be the best choice for a quick recovery. If you're taking a rest day or you just need protein before bed, a casein protein shake might be better due to its slow digestion.

Casein Protein by ESN

Drink protein shakes in the evening for a better night's sleep?

Good sleep is incredibly important for your overall health. Protein intake can have an impact on fatigue. Evidence suggests that consuming moderate amounts of protein before bed is associated with better sleep quality, including less disruptive waking during the night.[9]

However, if a protein shake contains a lot of sugar, it can delay sleep due to the metabolic response. To prevent this, it's best to just drink low-sugar protein shakes.

Tips for the protein shake before sleep

Depending on what goal you are aiming for, different protein shakes are suitable for the evening:

  • If you want to gain weight, you should choose a higher calorie protein shake before bed.
  • If you are an athlete who wants to build muscle, a protein shake with a moderate calorie content and a balanced ratio of carbohydrates and proteins is recommended in the evening.
  • If you're on a weight loss diet, you should choose a low-calorie, low-sugar protein shake before bed.

Conclusion: This is why taking protein shakes in the evening can be worthwhile.

There's plenty of scientific evidence to support the importance of protein intake for muscle building. While most people can meet their daily needs through diet alone, some might benefit from protein supplements like protein shakes. When daily calories and activity levels are taken into account, a protein shake in the evening can be helpful in building or maintaining muscle, aiding recovery, and promoting weight loss.

When considering which protein shake is appropriate for evening, most studies suggest casein protein . Casein is often recommended because it is metabolized slowly by the body, which means it increases muscle protein synthesis over a longer period of time. It can also boost your energy and keep you full throughout the day. Whey protein, on the other hand, is absorbed quickly and therefore leads to shorter muscle protein synthesis.

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