Protein Shake ohne Sport

Drink protein shakes even without sports


This is what happens when you take protein powder without doing sports

The topic of when is the ideal time to drink a protein shake is always debated. There is disagreement as to whether a Protein Shake better before or after Training protein shake should be taken. Some say it's best to drink shakes immediately after a workout to supply the muscles with protein right away, while others think you should have a longer period of time to supply the proteins. However, these debates almost always have one thing in common: they are always held in the context of regular sports activity. Whether it's endurance training, strength training or something else entirely, protein is essential for building healthy muscle through muscle protein synthesis and for recovery after exercise. So what could happen if youdrink protein shakes without exercising?

In our guide, you will learn whether protein shakes are useful even without doing sports and what effects the shakes can have on your body.

Are protein shakes useful without doing sports?

If you want to use protein shakes to build muscle, you won 't be successful without some form of exercise. This is because protein is important for building and maintaining muscle mass, but it can only work its magic in combination with strength training.

Protein shakes are therefore not a miracle cure for muscle growth. Nevertheless, protein shakes can serve other purposes related to the natural protein needs of humans. You can drink a protein shake even without exercising, for example, if you want to ensure your protein intake or perhaps even gain weight.

Get enough protein even without sports

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If you don't do any sports, your protein requirement is naturally much lower than for a person who regularly goes to the gym. Protein, along with fats and carbohydrates, is one of the most important macronutrients for humans and helps to gain and maintain muscle. How high your daily protein requirement is depends on your personal goals and your physical activity. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of body weight for healthy adults to avoid protein deficiency.[1] But keep in mind: this recommendation applies to people who are not very active.

Some people are at risk of not consuming enough protein due to an unbalanced diet or a restricted eating plan. In such a case, a protein shake can be useful even without doing sports. Because the shakes are a simple and quick way to integrate more protein into your diet.

However, if you are active several times a week or do strength training to build muscle, you also have a higher protein requirement. For active people and for building muscle, the DGE recommendation for protein intake is therefore too low. According to new scientific findings, a minimum intake of 1.2 to 1.6 g of protein per kilogram of body weight is more effective for muscle growth.[2]

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Gain weight with protein shakes without sports in everyday life

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If you want to gain weight, you need a surplus of calories. Because if you burn more calories than you take in, your body will break down fat and muscle. Depending on your body type, you may need up to 500 calories more a day - that's a lot, and it's not surprising that some people find it difficult to achieve this calorie surplus.

One big problem with this is that the chewing process causes many people to feel full after a certain point. This is why liquid food satiates less or slower than solid food. This is where protein shakes come into play. With them you can easily meet your daily protein requirements and combine high-calorie foods at the same time.

Adding extras to your shake, such as a banana or nut butter, will increase your calorie intake. Here's how your Protein Shake for gaining weight help.

Lose weight with protein powder - even without sports

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Protein shakes can at lose weight help. But you should keep in mind that even protein powder still contains some calories. Therefore, you should inform yourself well in advance and find the right balance. Basically, if calorie intake is lower than energy expenditure, the deficit will help with weight loss. If the total number of calories consumed is higher than the energy expenditure, the longer term result will be the opposite and you will gain weight.So if you don't have a balance between calorie intake and energy expenditure, you will not achieve the desired weight loss.

Drinking protein shakes helps you lose weight even without exercising. Because protein can boost your metabolism and curb your appetite[3],[4], so ideally you'll reach for unhealthy snacks less. So if you occasionally replace a meal with a protein shake, there will be no adverse effects. However, you should also know that protein shakes often don't contain the minerals, vitamins, and other important components of a healthy meal. So, protein shakes can and should never replace a healthy and balanced diet, but only supplement it when needed.

Is it dangerous to drink protein shakes without exercising?

Even without doing a lot of sports, taking protein powder is safe - if your consumption is kept in moderation and you follow the recommendations for protein intake. However, it is important that you pay attention to the quality of the protein powder. Many products on the market contain ingredients that can be unhealthy for the body. These include huge amounts of sugar, artificial ingredients, preservatives and flavorings. Therefore, it is always worth taking a close look at the ingredients.

How much protein is reasonable to integrate into everyday life without sports?

The DGE recommends an intake of at least 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.[5] However, anyone who is active in sports and interested in building muscle should ensure a minimum intake of 1.2 to 1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.[6]

Whey protein shakes without sports

Felix bereitet sich einen Whey Protein Shake zu, ohne danach Sport zu machen.

Whey is an easily digestible source of protein and a good substitute for protein-rich foods. It can help you build muscle, gain weight and also lose weight. If your diet is already very rich in proteins and includes eggs, fish, legumes, soybeans, etc., then you should enjoy shakes only in moderation and consume them as an additional protein-rich food. However, you can also replace a whole meal with a Whey Protein Shake, for example.

Other protein shakes without sports

Eine Frau bereitet sich abends einen Casein Protein Shake zu, ohne danach Sport zu machen.

There are many other types of protein powders that can serve as protein sources. For example, many people like to drink a casein protein shake in the evening before going to bed, even if they don't exercise afterwards. Most want to replace a meal with such a shake and benefit from the longer lasting feeling of satiety.

People who live vegan also don't have to worry too much about their protein intake: Because the market offers many high-quality, plant-based protein powders that supply the body with important amino acids and equally deliver all the usual benefits of (animal) protein shakes.

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Conclusion: Protein shakes are a sensible addition to your diet even without sports.

Most of the time, there are two reasons why people turn to protein shakes: to buildmuscle or to lose weight. As you know, adequate protein intake is crucial for building muscle mass because the amino acids in proteins are the building blocks of muscle. Strength training puts stress on muscle fibers, but after the workout, the body repairs the damage and builds new muscle. A protein shake can help this process.

But if you're not exercising, you're probably not trying to build muscle. If you want to use protein shakes more for weight loss, keep in mind that weight loss can only work if you're in a calorie deficit. Protein shakes can help you lose weight even without exercise, if youeat fewer calories than you consume at the same time. For example, the shakes can help youmaintain your protein intake on a restrictive diet. Protein powder also helps you feel fuller - when you're fuller for longer, you're less likely to reach for high-calorie, unhealthy snacks.

No matter what you use protein shakes for, you should always make sure to use a high-quality product . In addition, protein shakes should always be part of a balanced diet that includes high-quality protein, as well as adequate amounts of healthy fats and complex carbohydrates.

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