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This effect has protein powder on your body

Whether before, after or during a workout, protein shakes are considered by some athletes to be an integral part of an effective workout. But nowadays, they are not only used exclusively by bodybuilders and extreme athletes. Protein shakes have also become increasingly important as part of a healthy diet. In the meantime, they are not only used to build muscle, but also to reduce body weight and as dietary supplements. But what exactly do the protein-rich shakes actually do in our body?

From what protein shakes consist of and what effects protein shakes in the body we have summarized for you in this guide.

What are protein shakes made of?

Protein shakes are usually composed of various components. The basis of each shake is of course the protein powder, which consists of concentrated protein of animal or vegetable origin.

While with regard to animal sources , whey, casein or collagen are usually used, soy, rice, peas, hemp and various seeds are usually used as vegetable protein.

In some protein powders, minerals and vitamins are also added to increase the nutrient content. Protein powder is offered in neutral as well as in various flavors such as strawberry, chocolate or vanilla. You have a craving for a delicious protein shake? Then try our ESN Designer Whey Protein in one of the many flavors or our fruity ESN Fruity Whey Isolate!

What effects do protein shakes have in the body?

The proteins contained in a protein shake have countless effects and functions in the human body. The proteins contained in the Protein Shake form the basic building block of all human cells. Along with carbohydrates and fats, they belong to the three essential macronutrients and areaccordingly irreplaceable for our body . Since every single cell in the body is made up of proteins, they perform a variety of functions in the human body: Accordingly, proteins contribute to the maintenance of normal bones and muscle mass as well as to the increase in muscle mass. But not only that - proteins can do so much more.

Proteins have a satiating effect

Each of us knows it: A great protein shake for breakfast and hunger is satisfied for the next few hours. But what effect do protein shakes actually have on our body that they make us so full? It's simple: If you eat a chocolate bar, you supply your body with plenty of carbohydrates. As a result, your blood sugar as well as the insulin in your body rise quickly and sharply. When your blood glucose level drops again, you feel hungry again - usually for foods with a high sugar content. The effect of a food on blood sugar is called the glycemic index. In contrast to carbohydrates, the protein contained in a protein shake has a low glycemic index, which means that blood sugar does not rise as quickly after a protein-rich meal. Accordingly, your blood sugar level drops more slowly and the feeling of hunger afterwards is significantly lower.[¹]

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Proteins have an influence on the reward system of your brain

Protein shakes have a positive effect not only on your feeling of satiety, but also on your brain.[²]If you eat food that also tastes delicious, your brain automatically demands more of it. However, if your meal has a high protein content, this reward system is automatically slowed down and the craving is satisfied.

Protein is converted into heat in our body

Protein powder also has an effect on thermogenesis: Thermogenesis describes the production of heat through metabolic activities, for example through energy metabolism, digestion or muscle activities. Compared to fats and carbohydrates, proteins have a comparatively high thermogenesis.[³] With regard to proteins, your body converts about 20 percent of the energy content into heat instead of fat. In the course of this, your basal metabolic rate is increased at the same time - because in order to maintain the high temperature, you consume more energy, which in turn is not stored as fat.

Major building blocks of proteins: Amino Acids

A large part of the human body consists of proteins. These are basically composed of 21 different amino acids , which in turn can be divided into two different types: essential and non-essential amino acids. While our body can form the non-essential amino acids on its own, essential amino acids can only be ingested through food. The amino acids and proteins that we take in through food are independently processed by the body into the body's own proteins. However, if you do not take in enough proteins and essential amino acids through your food, your body will lack the corresponding building blocks. Therefore: Proteins are irreplaceable for our body and must be taken up partly compellingly over the food.

What can protein shakes be used for?

Protein powders can achieve various effects in the body and accordingly be taken for various physical goals, for example, for effective muscle building, for weight loss, for general health or also as an additional dietary supplement.

For a long time, protein shakes were exclusively associated with muscular bodybuilders and athletes who visit the gym every day. But this has not been the case for a long time - nowadays protein shakes are becoming more and more the focus of health-conscious people and athletes. But what effects can protein powder actually achievein the body and what can they be used for?

Protein shakes and their effect on muscle building

Wirkung von Protein Shakes beim Muskelaufbau.

Whether before, after or during training - protein shakes are more than popular with bodybuilders and athletes and usually a fixed component of any strength training. But what effect doprotein shakesactually have on themuscles?

Muscle is largely made up of protein. Similar to most physical tissues, muscles are constantly being broken down and rebuilt. To build and maintain muscle, your body should therefore have a positive protein balance. Here, too, protein powder shows its effect: the higher your protein intake, the more the build-up of your muscles ispromoted at the same time.[⁴] If the proteins ingested through food are not enough, protein shakes can effectively supportmuscle building. At the same time, protein shakes provide important amino acids that are necessary for muscle building. According to researchers, the consumption of shakes increases the level of amino acids in the bloodstream, which in turn triggers a stronger response to muscle protein synthesis.[⁵],[⁶] This refers to the metabolic process that describes the incorporation of amino acids into specific muscles. A particularly important role in this process is played by the three BCAAs isoleucine, valine and leucine, which are considered essential for the body and can be used to build muscle protein.[⁷],[⁸]

Effect of protein powder in diet

Wirkung von Protein Shakes bei einer Diät.

Protein shakes for weight loss? Yes, you heard me right. If you thought protein shakes were only for building and maintaining muscle, you're wrong - protein shakes can have some positive effects on weight loss because of the protein they contain.[⁹],[¹⁰] The reason for this is, among other things, the saturating effect of protein powder on your body. As already mentioned, proteins let your blood sugar level rise much slower than fats and carbohydrates. Thus, your hunger pangs are weaker, you consume fewer calories, and you feel sufficiently satiated for a longer period of time. At the same time, studies suggest thatprotein shakes can also helpmaintain and build muscle while dieting .[¹¹],[¹²] At best, this allows you to build muscle while burning calories and reducing the amount of fat in your body.

Effect of protein shakes on skin and bones.

Wirkung von Protein Shakes auf Muskeln und Knochen.

Another important area of the body where protein shakes show their effect is the connective tissue. In principle, connective tissue is responsible for connecting, separating and supporting all other types of tissue and organs.

Probably the most important protein of the connective tissue with the largest share is collagen. Collagen is considered a component of your ligaments, joints, tendons and bones and ensures that they remain stable and flexible.

However, the older you get, the more the synthesis of collagen decreases. If you want to support your connective tissue as well as your bones even in old age, supplementing your diet with protein shakes containing collagen can be a good idea. Especially foods like red fruits and vegetables, eggs, fish or meat are rich in collagen. In addition, studies show that regular intake of collagen helps to reduce and prevent joint pain, bone density loss, as well as skin aging.[¹³]

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Protein promotes overall health

Wirkung von Protein auf die allgemeine Gesundheit.

As mentioned above, proteins and their valuable amino acids are considered necessary for numerous processes in the body. Protein powder not only has positive effects on your bones, muscles and joints - it is also very important for your immune system. The most important role is played by the amino acid glutamine, which serves as the main energy source for antibodies. Therefore, the more protein you consume, the more functional your immune system and the healthier you are.[¹⁴]

Protein shakes and their effect on the kidneys.

"Too much protein intake is harmful to the kidneys " - A myth we like to take a closer look at. As a rule, a high-protein diet is considered safe for people with functioning kidneys.[¹⁵] Long-term studies prove that with regard to the effect of protein powder, no abnormality of kidney values could be observed at a consumption of 2.8 grams of protein per kilogram ofbody weight per day .[¹⁶] However, people with knowingly existing kidney diseases should refrain from an excessively high protein intake and keep an eye on their daily consumption.

Conclusion: here's what you should know about the effects of protein shakes

Whether as an athlete to build muscle, to reduce body weight or as a valuable dietary supplement - protein shakes have very different effects and functions and can accordingly be integrated into your diet and training in many ways. Proteins are considered vital for your body and are not only important for your bones, joints and skin, but also for your immune system. However, you should always keep in mind that protein shakes are only a supplement to your diet and a protein shake isnot a permanent meal replacement. Make sure you eat a healthy, protein-rich and balanced diet to provide your body with sufficient nutrients and promote your health.


















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