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Vegan protein sources


Vegan foods with lots of protein

Protein is vital to our bodies and is considered a building block of a balanced and healthy diet, not just for athletes. Protein sources are often associated with animal foods such as meat, eggs or fish. However, it is not only through animal products that the daily protein requirement can be fully covered - protein can also be found in sufficient quantities in vegan foods. Due to the diverse product range, there are nowadays a variety of vegan protein sources that can be easily and uncomplicatedly integrated into the vegan diet and support the intake of sufficient proteins.

Why our body needs proteins at all, which advantage vegan protein sources have and which vegan foods are the best protein suppliers, we explain to you in detail in this guide.

Why does the body need protein?

Along with carbohydrates and fats, protein is one of the three essential macronutrients that the human body needs. Proteins not only contribute to the maintenance of normal bones and muscle mass, but also form the basic building block of all human cells.

Proteins are irreplaceable for our body. Since every single cell in the body is made up of proteins, they perform a variety of functions in the human body. The proteins in our body consist of 21 amino acids, which are divided into two different types: essential and non-essential amino acids. While non-essential amino acids are formed independently by the body, essential amino acids cannot be produced by the body itself, which is why they must be ingested through the diet. The body then independently processes the proteins and amino acids from the foods into proteins produced by the body.[¹] Therefore, especially those foods that contain all essential amino acids are called high quality.

It doesn't matter whether it's plant or animal products - the human body can in principle obtain the amino acids it needs from both vegan and animal foods.

You eat vegan and want to build muscles? Then we have just the thing for you! Our ESN Vegan Designer Protein consists of purely plant-based ingredients and can be easily incorporated into your diet as a vegan protein source.

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Advantages of vegan protein sources

Vegan protein sources are usually rich in healthy fiber and unsaturated fatty acids. Thus, they not only help lower blood pressure, but also support healthy intestinal flora. In addition, another advantage of vegan protein sources is their significantly lower fat and cholesterol content compared to animal proteins.

Plant-based foods are considered very healthy and nutrient-rich - but vegan protein sources can also convince on so many points. Even though animal protein can be processed better due to its higher biological value[²] vegan protein sources are considered to be much healthier. In addition, animal protein sources from meat often contain higher amounts of saturated fatty acids, which can have a negative effect on blood cholesterol levels.[³] The protein in vegan foods, on the other hand, is impressive because of its low fat content and high levels of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

The most protein-rich vegan protein sources

Animal products such as meat or fish do not always have to end up on the plate in order to completely cover the daily protein requirement. The body can also absorb enough protein through vegan foods. To feed on vegan foods with a lot of protein and to supply the body with protein, vitamins and essential nutrients is even easier than thought. We have summarized for you which protein-rich vegan protein sources are particularly suitable for your plant-based diet.


Das Icon zeigt Haferflocken als vegane Proteinquelle.Oat flakes can convince not only with their taste - with 13.5 grams of protein on 100 grams[⁴] they are considered besides as nutrient-rich vegan protein supplier.

Because the biological value of oats is slightly lower than other grains, oatmeal should always be combined with other protein sources to allow your body to absorb the protein. Besides the high protein content ,oatmeal can convince with many other benefits:

  • Rich in healthy fiber and nutrients
  • Prevent cravings
  • Support healthy digestion
  • Ideal pre- or post-workout snack

Thanks to the complex carbohydrates, oatmeal also provides you with long-lasting energy and at the same time ensures a constant blood sugar level. This is not the only reason why oatmeal is considered the perfect power food for muscle building. No matter if pure, as porridge or muesli - oatmeal can be prepared in many ways and offers a good source of protein for a delicious vegan breakfast.


Das Icon zeigt eine Hülsenfrucht als vegane Proteinquelle.Legumes are not only considered a perfect source of protein for a vegan diet - they also provide important nutrients, vitamins and contain complex carbohydrates that need to be broken down in the body for better digestibility and satiety. In addition, legumes contain unsaturated fatty acids, which have been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels.[⁵] Many legumes also contain the essential amino acid lysine, which is often found only in small amounts in vegan protein sources. Among the most popular legumes are:

  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Peas
  • Chickpeas
  • Soybeans
  • Kidney beans
  • Peanuts

With the exception of soybeans and peanuts, legumes are considered low in fat and are therefore particularly suitable if you want to lose weight through a vegan diet. While soybeans are not exactly low in fat, they are still considered absolute protein bombs. Also lentils can be peeled and dried with 27 g protein per 100 g[⁶] as a vegan protein supplier and can be used for stews, side dishes or salads. In addition to protein, legumes are also rich in fiber and important minerals.

Chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils and co. can be processed and prepared in very different ways. They provide a good source of protein for a delicious vegan meal. For both savory and sweet dishes, legumes can be used as desired and used as a vegan protein source to meet daily protein needs.


Das Icon zeigt Pseudogetreide als vegane Proteinquelle.Pseudocereals describe - as the name suggests - cerealsthatare not real cereals at all . These are vegetable grains that are used in a similar way to cereals and are not only gluten-free and vegan, but also rich in protein. Typical pseudocereals include:

  • Quinoa
  • Amaranth
  • Buckwheat

No matter whether for a salad, roast or as a basis for a delicious bowl or even muesli - pseudo cereals can be prepared as desired and used as a vegan source of protein.

Tofu and other soy foods

Das Icon zeigt Tempeh als vegane Proteinquelle.Whether marinated, breaded or fried - tofu tastes good in many variations. However, it not only convinces with a variety of flavors, but is also one of the vegan foods with a lot of protein. In addition to tofu, tempeh and soy shreds are also considered optimal substitutes for meat: made from soybeans, they are just as rich in protein as soy.

The vegetable substitutes can be optimally combined with other vegan protein sources and can be used as a side dish with vegetables or pseudo-cereals. Thus, thanks to the vegan protein suppliers, a variety of dishes can be prepared that are not only delicious, but also completely cover the daily protein needs of the body.


Das Icon zeigt Nüsse als vegane Proteinquelle.Walnuts, almonds or even cashews - nuts are an ideal snack for in between meals and can be easily integrated into vegan dishes. Although nuts have a relatively high fat content, they are also considered a valuable source of vegan protein. Absolute protein bombs with the highest protein content are pumpkin seeds, almonds and cashews. Also the portion of the semiessenziellen amino acid Arginin is quite high in nuts.[⁷] Although arginine is a semiessential amino acid that the body can produce itself, it can be deficient during growth or pregnancy, for example.[⁸]

Due to their high fat content, however, nuts should only be used as a small snack for in between meals or as a topping for salads or muesli, as the daily calorie requirement can otherwise be quickly covered. On the other hand, those who want to gain weight in a healthy and also vegan way can easily incorporate a daily portion of nuts into their diet.


Das Icon zeigt Gemüse als vegane Proteinquelle.Spinach, broccoli or cucumbers: Vegetables are not only particularly tasty and healthy. It is also a fat-free and low-calorie vegan source of protein. Depending on the variety, vegetables can consist of almost 50% protein[⁹] and also contain important nutrients, vitamins and hardly any carbohydrates. In addition, vegetables can be used and combined in a variety of ways. Whether raw, sautéed or steamed, vegetables are delicious as a side dish, as a snack in between meals or as a main course. In combination with other proteins, vegetables are considered the optimal vegan food to meet the body's daily protein needs in an uncomplicated way.

Vegan protein powder

Das Icon zeigt veganes Proteinpulver als Proteinquelle.If you pay attention to foods with a lot of protein in a vegan diet, you can basically cover your daily protein requirements. However, if one does not want to take in the required proteins exclusively through vegan foods, vegan protein powders can serveas an additional source of protein . For the production of vegan protein powders, vegetable ingredients such as soy, rice, peas or sunflower protein are used. The biological value is accordingly very high and provides the body optimally with essential amino acids.

Our new ESN Vegan Designer Protein is not only vegan and free of animal products, but also supports you in building muscle with a vegan diet. Whether in yogurt or as a shake - the ESN Vegan Designer Protein can be easily and uncomplicatedly integrated as a vegan protein source in your diet.

ESN Vegan Designer Protein

Are vegan protein sources of higher quality than animal sources?

Animal protein sources have a higher biological value than vegan proteins, because plant foods often do not contain all or only small amounts of the essential amino acids. But by combining different vegan protein sources, a similar value isachieved.

Often vegan protein sources are presented as inferior and less nutritious compared to animal protein. This is especially due to the fact that animal protein such as eggs, fish or meat have a higher biological value as well as all essential amino acids.[¹⁰] This means that the human body can absorb the proteins better and convert them into the body's own proteins. Vegan protein sources, on the other hand, usually contain only lower amounts of certain amino acids such as lysine.

However, when several vegan protein sources are combined, a new amino acid profile is created from the individual amino acids of the plant foods. Thus, a balanced and varied vegan diet can provide enough amino acids and protein to meet daily protein requirements. For this reason, our ESN Vegan Designer Protein consists of a combination of pea, hemp and sunflower protein.

Conclusion: With these vegan protein sources you can cover your protein needs.

Proteins are considered an important component of our body and are absolutely necessary for survival. In particular, the amino acids contained in food play an important role, which the human body converts into endogenous proteins. These can be absorbed and processed not only by animal foods, but also by vegan foods such as tofu, beans, quinoa, vegetables and nuts. Getting enough protein through a vegan diet is easier than you might think. Nowadays, some supermarkets have a variety of vegan products and protein sources that can help meet daily protein needs.

Therefore, in order to eat a protein-rich diet, animal products such as fish or meat do not always have to be on the menu. A vegan diet with plenty of protein is also possible with plant-based foods, which are also rich in important nutrients, vitamins and fiber.


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