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Whey Protein - Ideal support for your muscle buildup


How Whey Protein Shakes can help you build mass

Proteins support muscle building - a fact that probably most professional and aspiring athletes already know. The proteins are ideal support to give the body an energy boost and are thus all too willingly incorporated into the training. One of the most popular protein variants is Whey Protein. Known on the fitness market as a gamechanger for building muscle or losing weight, the protein supplier is now available as a powder in several flavors.

Both experienced athletes and beginners who want to support muscle building with Whey Protein should not only look for a suitable protein powder or other products, but also focus on the right training and a balanced diet. Whey protein serves as a support for muscle building, but can not be the only decisive factor for the desired training success.[¹] Whether you want to take your Whey Protein with water or milk or as a protein shake before or after training is up to you.

Among other things, a distinction is made between products in the form of concentrate, hydrolysate and isolate. Each of these Whey proteins can be used for mass and muscle building, but not each achieves the same effect. Which of the protein forms has the most advantages and in what concentrate and Co. differ, you will learn in our guide.

What does Whey Protein contribute to muscle building?

Whey protein contributes not only to muscle building, but also to muscle maintenance. The amino acids contained can be quickly absorbed by the body after ingestion and the effect of Whey Protein unfolded. There are many different protein powder products. Already pay attention to the composition when choosing your Whey protein, so that you can supply your body according to your ideas when taking it. Because not all Whey Protein is the same. However, protein basically serves as a key building block for various processes within the body - this also includes muscle building. Since Whey Protein is derived from whey, it is not suitable for a vegan diet for muscle building. However, there are definitely plant-based alternatives that provide an equally good amino acid profile. For people who have problems with lactose digestion, there are also products that are virtually lactose-free. In general, protein plays a significant role in muscle building for the body as an energy supplier and thus helps us to complete training sessions with sufficient energy as well as stimulate the rebuilding and regeneration of muscles.[²]

Taking a Whey protein shake for muscle building can even support you particularly well, since Whey is absorbed quickly and the body can thus access the required substances in the shortest possible time.[³] Although protein can be included in the diet as a shake, there are also foods that offer a lot of protein and can thus support you additionally in the form of delicious dishes. The Whey protein intake is therefore quite uncomplicated either way.

Which Whey Protein is good for muscle building?

In principle, all forms of Whey Protein are suitable for muscle building. If you are looking for a premium product, you should go for Whey Isolate. The isolate has the highest protein content and can therefore offer your body the best support for muscle building.

Whey protein isolate is considered a particularly high-quality Whey protein for muscle building due to its high protein content. For this reason, it is especially popular with professional athletes and bodybuilders. In addition to the isolate, however, several manufacturers also offer Whey hydrolysate and Whey concentrate. These proteins also have some advantages and can be incorporated into your fitness diet with different flavors. While all Whey Protein varieties are suitable for muscle and mass building, they still differ in terms of ingredients, price and their own taste. Both the flavors included and other ingredients such as fat or carbohydrates can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Whey Protein Concentrate

Hanteln, Maßband und Whey Konzentrat zur Unterstützung beim Muskelaufbau

Whey protein concentrate is a popular, yet quite inexpensive variant of protein for muscle building. The actual protein content of the product depends on the manufacturer. On average, the protein content of whey protein concentrate is 50 to 80%. Unlike other whey protein alternatives for muscle building, the concentrate contains a certain amount of lactose due to the extraction via whey and is therefore unsuitable for a lactose intolerance or a vegan diet. However, this does not mean that lactose intolerant athletes or vegans have to do without a suitable protein supplement for muscle building. Protein can also be absorbed through plant-based products, such as our ESN Vegan Pro Complex or Vegan Designer Protein. Whey concentrate can be easily prepared as a shake thanks to the powder form. To properly develop the contained flavors of delicious flavors, you can combine the intake with either water or milk. Our protein powder offers you many unique flavors, so you are guaranteed to find the right powder to support you and your muscle building with Whey Protein.

Whey Concentrate from ESN

Whey Protein Isolate

Whey Protein Isolat unterstützt beim Muskelaufbau

As already explained above, Whey Protein Isolate is considered optimal for muscle building. Compared to the concentrate, this is a high-priced product. While whey protein isolate is particularly popular among professional athletes, it is also suitable for many other fitness enthusiasts. The higher price is due to the more concentrated protein content and the more extensive manufacturing process. However, the higher protein content is not the only one of the advantages of isolate. Whey for muscle building is also lactose-free, as it is obtained through a microfiltration process. Thus, it contains not only significantly less lactose, but also less fat and carbohydrates than a comparative product. Thus, a Whey Protein Isolate Shake can be used not only for muscle building, but also for a low-fat or low-carbohydrate diet (for example, low carb). Since the protein chains in this product are particularly short, it is available to the body faster than other Whey alternatives. So if you ask yourself the question: "Whey vs. Isolate Proteinamino acid content.

Whey Protein Isolat von ESN

Whey Protein Hydrolysate

Whey protein hydrolysate is also suitable for muscle building and can usually boast a high protein content of 80 to 90%. Compared to concentrate or isolate, products with hydrolysate are quite expensive and often have a bitter aftertaste. An intake as a shake for muscle building is therefore less enjoyable with this Whey protein than with the other alternatives. The proteins are already split into peptides during production. Thus, the hydrolysate can act on the body in a very short time and is therefore suitable for a variety of athletes. Unlike isolate, the product is not lactose-free. The content of fat and carbohydrates depends on the manufacturer.

Whey Arten Überblick

Find your optimal Whey Protein for muscle building

Finding the right Whey Protein for muscle building can be difficult. Whether you're interested in a Whey concentrate, hydrolysate, or isolate, before you choose the right product, you should first address a few individual questions:

      • What training goal do I want to achieve?
      • How often do I plan to train?
      • Over what period of time do I want to achieve my goal?
      • How do I want to incorporate Whey Protein into my diet?

In addition to the questions concerning your training, the possible form of ingestion of the protein can also play a relevant role. While protein powder can be used for shakes and other recipes and is therefore versatile in your diet, some athletes prefer to take tablets or capsules. You should also consider the ingredients and flavors as well as the fats and carbohydrates contained. Building muscle with Whey Protein can therefore be done in different ways. If you are unsure about the consistency and the right flavor, manufacturers like us offer you the opportunity to test a sample of the product. Just take a look at our delicious Isoclear samples or the Designer Whey samples and find the perfect variety for you and your training.

Conclusion: Building muscle with Whey Protein - no problem with the right product!

The market of supplements offers you a variety of inexpensive and high-quality products - so you are guaranteed to find the right Whey Protein for muscle building. You should always choose the right protein product carefully. Therefore, do not decide on a cheap protein powder in the short term, but consider in advance what success you want to achieve during training. To support your body in the best possible way with Whey for muscle building, you should also pay attention to your diet and strive for the right training. Once you have found the right way for you, the protein will reliably support you in building and maintaining your muscle mass.

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