Muscle building

A thicker upper arm, bigger chest muscles or a wider back: Targeted muscle building is probably the main goal of most ambitious amateur athletes. As is well known, targeted hypertrophy is based on a simple basic framework: Eat - Train - Sleep - Repeat! Strictly speaking, the secret of successful muscle building is none.

Nevertheless, many bodybuilders and strength athletes are always looking for new ways to accelerate their success. Supplements are a good way to release the decisive percentages for maximum success. Especially in muscle building, the right nutrients in sufficient quantities are of crucial importance. Not every trainee is able to cover this alone through his diet.

The following supplements can therefore be particularly useful when it comes to achieving maximum success from intensive training sessions:

  • Nowadays, a good Whey protein represents the basic framework of supplementation and can almost be considered a full-fledged food in a protein-rich diet.
  • Creatine helps to provide maximum energy to the muscles and thus to set even stronger growth stimuli in training.
  • Weight gainers can help build muscle especially for those exercisers who find it difficult to consume the necessary amounts of food. Weight gainers provide important nutrients that can be easily drunk in liquid form.
  • Training boosters do not have a direct influence on muscle growth, but can help to go into every workout with maximum motivation and intensity. Only in this way can the optimal growth stimulus be realized, which is ultimately necessary for muscle building.

Whey Protein

In simple terms, muscles are the body's own protein stores. The most intensive training and the best recovery are therefore of no use if the body is not supplied with high-quality and easily digestible protein after a session. Whey protein offers the advantage of a particularly fast supply compared to other types of protein. No other protein allows the amino acid level in the blood to rise as quickly as this protein, which is rich in BCAAs.

Many exercisers are always confused about when the Whey shake should be drunk: before or after training? The answer is: both times can be useful.

The first shake is recommended about an hour before training. This is roughly the time it takes for a fast-digesting Whey to develop its potential in the body. A time window of about three hours opens up, in which the Whey protein drastically increases the amino acid level in the blood. An optimal anabolic environment to benefit from intense training. As is generally known, the muscles get the necessary stimuli during training, but the growth process begins only after training with the recovery. In order to initiate this now optimally, the time window of the high amino acid level in the blood is extended by supplying the body with the second Whey shake.

In practice, it does not matter whether the Whey is drunk with milk or water. The potentially slowed absorption due to the fat in the milk is so small, especially in the low-fat variant, that it is negligible. So if you like the Whey better in milk, you can drink your shake with it.


Creatine can be a useful supplement for several reasons when it comes to achieving maximum muscle growth.

The body uses ATP as energy to tense the muscles. As soon as this is used up, the muscle is exhausted and no further strain will be possible. Creatine is of particular importance in the subsequent restoration of new ATP: without oxygen supply, it is the fastest way for the body to replenish the ATP reserves. As a result, it is possible to increase the duration of a heavy set or to complete the perhaps decisive repetition more, because muscle building requires appropriate training stimuli.

Other interesting effects of creatine are a possible better pump effect through water storage in the muscles and the increase of protein synthesis, so the optimization of muscle building.

Weight Gainer

Weight gainers are a classic among dietary supplements. Quickly prepared, the powder mixed into a shake provides important nutrients, protein for muscle building and helps to bring the calorie balance into a positive range. Especially for people who have problems with their appetite, it can be helpful to eat individual meals during the day in liquid form.

At the same time, every trainee should keep in mind that too much calorie surplus will inevitably lead to fat storage. Weight gainers are primarily for real hardgainers and not a shortcut to faster muscle growth.

Training Booster

Whether classics like arginine and citrulline malate or ready mix products: Training boosters enjoy justifiably great popularity among many bodybuilders and strength athletes. The great strength of these dietary supplements lies in the increased motivation due to the pump, which serves many exercisers as an additional drive in training. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger described this unique feeling: "The greatest feeling you can get in a gym, or the most satisfying feeling you can get in the gym is... the Pump!"

A good workout booster can make the difference between a good workout and a very good workout. It motivates, focuses, and drives you to possible peak performance, which is ultimately the foundation for muscle building.

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